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Place is a weekly newsletter about where we go, where we stay, make lives and leave them. The aim is to transport you, the reader, somewhere new. Or, just make you think about how you exist where you are.

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The idea for this newsletter initially came from our own fascination with movement. Our places are Canada, the United States, and the Philippines, but we met while studying journalism and globalization in a tiny town in Denmark and grew close as we navigated life in London as writers. In the fast-paced media environment, we found there was little room for words without a clear news peg. So, we decided to make a place where we could slow down and write about the flowers. Place will allow us to meet in a quiet and unforetold space, the inbox, to hear stories from different corners of the world.

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The Place Editorial Team

Karis Hustad, co-editor and head of development

Kylee Pedersen, co-editor and head of visuals

Nina Unlay, editor-at-large

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